DRA is:

A four division company doing work for a wide range of clients.
Over the years DRA's technical skills and artistic talents
have grown stronger in all four divisions of the company:
1. Audio and video production.
2. Multimedia support.
3. Facility design, installation and special effects.
4. Event support and other support services.

Achieving many of the same results as larger companies, DRA has often been able to meet its clients' communications, design and artistic needs in a more creatively cost effective manner.

Services DRA Provides

Division 1. Handles all aspects of audio and video production
from concept to completion.
Division 2. Provides full support for interactive multimedia projects.
Division 3. Designs and installs audio and video systems, teleconferencing systems
and special effects systems.
Division 4. Coordinates event audio and video support.

Additional information about DRA and it's Principal:

In addition to a wealth of personnel available to handle any and all aspects of your project(s), DRA's principal

is an experienced camera operator who can handle his own lighting. He possesses over 15 years of field and studio experience.

He is an experienced audio engineer and video engineer with over 25 years of field and studio experience and is also a still photographer in addition to possessing many other applicably relevant talents as well.

DRA owns their own gear should that become relevant for your project(s).

For more information please contact us.

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